A clash of heroes on the ice is returning to the Vibrant Arena that's full of both nostalgia and charity.

The Quad City Mallards will return for a special All-Star Legends game against the biggest names in the UHL and a specially crafted All-Star Legends team in what's being dubbed "Heroes vs. Villains II" on March 2nd at 7:05pm.

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“We look forward to taking the ice again, this time against some of the greatest players to play in the UHL. The intensity of the last game against the Generals was unexpectedly high and with Robbie Nichols back yapping behind the bench like a chihuahua, we will be ready to protect our home ice. This charity game is for a great cause in helping some of our teammates who have fallen on hard times as well as families in our community that need a helping hand. We hope our fans will fill the building for the Mallards one last time”, said former Mallards great Kerry Toporowski.

Former Mallards greats are expected to appear from the 1996-2005:

  • Kerry Toporowski
  • Steve Gibson
  • Travis Tucker
  • Howie Rosenblatt
  • Patty Nadeau
  • Ryan Lindsay
  • Paul Johnson
  • Steve Chelios
  • Andy Fermoyle
  • Drew Otten
  • Darren McMillan
  • Andy Faulkner
  • Carl Leblanc
  • Scott Smith
  • Ryan Black
  • Kelly Perrault
  • Marty Fillion
  • Martin Villeneuve
  • Brendan Brooks

The UHL Legends All Star team is being led by non-other than the infamous Jim Duhart of the Flint Generals - a huge rival to the team in the haydays. It features some notable names from the '96-'05 era.

  • Jim Duhart
  • Robbie Nichols
  • Todd Robinson
  • Tom Warden
  • Scott Burfoot
  • Frank Littlejohn
  • Dale Greenwood
  • Lorne Knauft
  • Jon Finstrom
  • Brent Currie
  • Former NHL veteran Kevin Miller, who played over 600 games in the NHL is also expected to take the ice.

“Duey caused us much heartburn over the years, scoring huge goals and antagonizing our fans and players. Nonetheless, he has tried to atone for his misdeeds and has been a huge part of organizing these games and helping us raise a lot of money for charity in the Quad Cities. I am almost ready to adopt him as an honorary Mallard, which would be one of the highest honors of his life”, laughed Cornfield. “The most important part of this weekend is to raise money to help others. I don’t know how many more of these games we have left so this could be the final chance to see our great players wear the Mallards jersey”.

Following the game, there will be a separately ticketed Meet and Greet Reception in the Vibrant Arena Conference Center.

Tickets for the game will go on sale at 10am Friday, February 2nd at the Vibrant Arena and through Ticketmaster.

If you want to win two tickets, enter this contest!

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