97X is the Quad Cities Classic Rock Authority, and we're partnering with the Quad Cities' Taco authority, Nally's Kitchen, to bring Taco Tuesday to your workplace and be the hero of the day.

Become the coolest guy at the office or factory floor without dropping a dime - because 97X is going to get you the hook up you and your coworkers need with a delicious Taco Tuesday lunch from everyone's favorite restaurant - Nally's Kitchen.


The last Tuesday of the month is the official Taco Tuesday, which gives you the chance to get you and your work buddies' lunch taken care of.

Nally's Is A Quad City Staple

Nally's Kitchen
Nally's Kitchen

Nally's Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday at 1622 Rockingham Road in Davenport. Serving the greater Quad Cities area, Nally's Kitchen is a joint effort between husband-and-wife team Nassr and Alicia Muhamad.

Nally's could cater your next event, be the place you stop by for lunch or dinner, and enjoy their daily specials every day they are open.

Get Yourself Signed Up For Taco Tuesday

Nallys Kitchen/Canva
Nallys Kitchen/Canva

Getting free food from Nally's Kitchen for your office is quick and easy. 97X's Taco Tuesday happens on the last Tuesday of each month - which is the day we'll select one Quad Cities workplace to drop off free food from Nally's, some 97X swag, and a 12-pack of Pepsi.

Get yourself signed up now!

  • One winner per month.
  • Each winner will receive Nally’s catering which will feed 15-20 people.
  • Winning work site must be within 20 minutes of the restaurant's location to ensure food freshness.

Hopefully we see you this month!

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