As I write this, we are still without power. You might be also. Darkened streets at night, trees and parts of trees everywhere. But something else showed up in Mondays storm. Care and concern for our neighbors. I don't think it had gone very far, but it was sure nice to see it in such great supply as my wife and I walked around some neighborhoods.

I saw people helping neighbors down the block they didn't know, but who needed help. I saw friends cross the river to tend family and others unknown. One lady a few neighborhoods down just sat on her sidewalk handing out water bottles to anyone who needed a break.

Dawn Dunbar submitted photo
Dawn Dunbar submitted photo

Then, the generators. Large and small with cords rambling along yards as families shared their slices of electric. Below is a link to people who lended a hand, however they could. They were thanked in a Facebook post in which I asked, "Who has helped you the most?" I was inspired to see the Quad Cities I knew was here, however she may have been hiding the last few months.

Read it yourself for a little day brightener, or share it and add a name you know helped you.

Batting around an idea for tomorrow...who has helped you the most during or after the storm? Names, photos if you have them. For me? Mr. Jameson. You might have someone else to thank...let me hear it.

Posted by Greg Dwyer on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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QC Storm Damage

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