Record Store Day is this Saturday, July 17, 2021 which is a GREAT time to support your local independent record store and get some cool collectibles at the same time!

Coop Records is open on Saturday 3727 Avenue of the Cities Moline, IL with a great selection open from 9a-9p
Stop by for their Buy 3, get 1 Free sale. Any combination of vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray qualifies for the discount. Here's a list of some of the artists they'll have special releases from: Foo Fighters, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, Amy Winehouse, Michael Schenker, Fleet Foxes, Lamb of lots more.


I talked to Jon Burns over at Ragged Records in Rock Island which is ironic because it will be closed on Saturday.  It's the grand opening for the new Davenport location.  Both RSD orders will be combined at the new location. That means twice the titles, so make sure to get in line early.   They'll have a “PUNKS IN PEORIA” BOOK SIGNING: Author Jonathan Wright will be on hand from 9am until Noon, signing copies of his new book, “Punks In Peoria: Making A Scene in the American Heartland” (which includes interviews with Ragged Records owner, Bob Herington!).

Ragged Records is open Saturday at 311 E 2nd Street Davenport and usually open at 311 21st Street Rock Island, IL (next to Rozz Tox)

The Underground at 210 6th Ave S, Clinton, IA will be open too with all sorts of rare vinyl and collectibles. If you haven't been up North for a while...make sure you stop in & check out their awesome store.


Nate's Record Resale has inventory located inside Doodads @ 430 W. 3rd Street, Davenport.  They've got a bunch of great albums as well.

For a full list of RSD titles here:

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