When Peter Matos brought his mitt to a Rockies Game, he knew the odds of catching a ball were pretty slim.  Which is why when he caught a homerun from the Rangers' Khris Davis he knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime play.

Yet there he was, outstretched arm, making a play on the long ball at Coor Field.

Peter was on vacation in Denver, and planned to go to a ballgame.

The game was between the Texas Rangers and the Colorado Rockies.

When it came down to the eighth inning, the score was 1-2, and Khris Davis was up to the plate.

On a one ball, two strike count, Davis slammed one into the right field stands for a homerun, tying up the game.

As the ball flew into the stand, Bettendorf native Peter Matos caught the ball, since he had luckily brought his glove along with him.

It was Davis' first homerun with the Rangers, who he's been playing for since February.

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