The iconic "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Christmas Special from Rankin/Bass' iconic puppets are going up for auction next month.

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"The magic about collecting memorabilia is that when your eyes focus upon the object, you are taken back to a time during your youth when your senses were overwhelmed with amazement, wonder and joy as you were watching a favorite movie or television program," Profiles in History auction house said in a statement.

Rick Goldschmidt Archives

Puppets were used in the filming of the 1964 special, which was shot in stop-motion.

Rudolph and Santa puppets will be auctioned through Internet-based bidding.

Collector Peter Lutrario said he's decided it's time to pass on ownership of the puppets.

"It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we make this special offering as we usher in the 2020 holiday season," the auction house statement said.

Rick Goldschmidt Archives

The Santa puppet is 11 inches tall, and the Rudolph puppet is 6 inches tall.

Because of maintenance done on the puppet over the years, Rudolph's nose still shines bright.

Rick Goldschmidt Archives

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