As parent of picky eaters and a picky eater myself, I could have used these tips years ago. Here are some ways to get kids to eat stuff they don't like.

Most parents will offer their child a reward for eating something they don't like, but that's not a good strategy. In the long-term, it probably won't change their eating habits. The whole plan just reinforces the idea that chocolate=good and broccoli=bad.

These are the strategies that tend to work better:

  1. Repeated exposure to the food they don't like.
  2. Setting a good example by eating the food yourself.
  3. Preparing meals together and teaching them how to cook.
  4. Hiding the taste with other flavors, like putting butter or cheese on vegetables.
  5. Making the food look more interesting by doing things with it, like arranging vegetables in the shape of a face.

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