We use our phones for work a lot more than we used to, especially when it comes to reading and answering emails. So here are some tips that might come in handy when you need to use your thumbs to respond to one.

  1. Keep it brief, and focus on key points. Know what you want to say before you start typing. Skip filler phrases and in general, try not to waste 10 minutes on an email that would take two minutes on a computer.
  2. Be careful with "reply" and "reply all." It's easier to overlook when you're on a phone. Double check to make sure the email you're sending is going to the right people.
  3. Get comfortable with your voice-to-text feature. Most phones can now dictate what you say as you're saying it. It makes longer emails go a lot faster. You might just need to learn to use it, and get comfortable with speaking the punctuation as you go.
  4. Always proofread. It's a lot easier to make typos on your phone. Sometimes auto-correct can completely change what you mean to say. So always proofread your emails carefully.

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