If you live by the mantra, "Don't fruit the beer," then this might be one to stay away from. In fact, "Don't beer the fruit," might be a little more accurate.

Just the Facts

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 38 degrees.

Nose: fruity, like a sports drink.

Taste: It has pear in it's name.

4 out of 6 bottles

I'm not a fan of this.  However, I don't think you'd be at the bar pounding these either, which might make you sick before you ever got drunk.  So as a refreshing malty bev after a day outside, this would be fine.  It manages to put a sweet fruity taste in your mouth without being too heavy.  Shiner knows their stuff, and calling this a seasonal brew means they aren't committed to it full time.  So you needn't be either.