Jason Delacruz a mail carrier in Virginia felt "pressured" to complete his mail route, according to court documents. He was found to have rented $49/month for "the sole purpose of storing mail he could not deliver."

Jason told officials he started hiding the mail when he was afraid he "couldn't make time" in November of 2018, but when he started running out of space, rented the storage unit in February 2019. Any mail he didn't have the time to deliver he put in the storage unit for 4 months until busted in May 2019.

He says he was intending to deliver the mail in the storage unit, but never got around to it.

An investigation into the the unit by the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General found nearly 5,000 pieces of mail in the unit. Their report said the mail included multiple letters from the DMV, IRS, insurance companies, bank statements, tax returns and even W-2's.

The mail was sorted into three categories:

  • 97 pieces of first-class mail
  • 115 magazines and other publications
  • 4,700 advertisements

The agents from the USPS threw out all of the ads, as most were expired, and delivered the other 212 pieces of mail.

Delacruz is facing a massive fine or 5 years in prison for multiple charges of Delay of Mail by a Postal Employee.

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