When the pandemic first hit no one left the house.  We ate food from our own cupboards! (gasp) Cooking came back into style for a bit until we realized that these restaurants were hemorrhaging money due to no customers.

So we took one for the team and started eating take out quite a lot.  The wife & I were lucky enough to stay working through the pandemic so we thought we would help our community by ordering food and tipping more than normal.

I'll be honest though.  I'm not a big tipper.  I'm an incredible cheap ass.  But I do tip more now than I ever did before and we have the pandemic to thank for that.

Turns out, do to a new study 58% of us are still leaving bigger tips than we were before the pandemic.

Over half of us now leave waiters more than 20%, and 38% typically do the same for delivery drivers.  Only 6% of Americans said they're tipping less . . . and another 6% said they usually don't leave ANY tip.

And now that it's the holidays they say 27% of us will tip restaurant servers more than usual during the holidays.

CNBC had a report on what people will give for the holidays.  So here's a heads up so you don't look like an ungrateful turd.

1. Housekeeper. 47% plan to tip . . . and the average tip is $50.
2. Babysitter or daycare provider. 41% plan to tip . . . average tip $50.
3. Teacher. 41% of parents will give an average of $25, usually in the form of a small gift instead of cash.
4. Landscaper or gardener. 36% will tip . . . $30.
5. Mail carrier. 27% will tip . . . $20.
6. Trash or recycling collector. 19% will tip an average of $20.

What The Quad Cities Did For Fun in the 90's

Many times over the years, I'll be talking with friends about years gone by and I'll say "take me back".

Every generation goes through this, I assume. Looking back at a more simple time where responsibilities haven't set in and life seems fun. Opportunities are endless.

Let's go back to the 1990's to Wacky Waters, 50 Cent Beer night and revisit Mallards Mania!


Everyone is rejoicing that the McRib is back! You can hear the chanting from down the block. Everyone is washing their hands a little bit more due to the bbq sauce residue and it's wonderful.

All is right with the world.

But it isn't always like this. The McRib will leave soon and we'll have to settle for a McChicken or a Double Quarter Pounder like a peasant. Life isn't fair. We know this.

However, my cousin Steve has figured out a way to beat the system.

He's gotten his hands dirty and experimented so we don't have to. He has perfected the DIY McRib!


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