Waste not, want not.

A student decided to conduct an interesting experiment about the way we consume food to see if the way it looks has an impact on how it tastes by baking brownies that look waaay to similar to excrement.

It looks like there are nuts and some sort of sauce to provide an added layer of grossness. Now, brownies are one of the great gifts the food gods have bestowed on us, but we certainly do look on them in a new light because of this batch.

Of course, the idea of presentation in food is nothing new. In fact, one supermarket in Hong Kong had no problem selling a single dolled-up strawberry for $22.

Maybe we should just be like dogs. They'll eat their own vomit like it's some sort of artisanal kibble and then run around with their tail flapping a million miles per hour. It wouldn't be our first choice. Heck, it wouldn't be our second or turd, but it's something to think about.

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