Thursday had to be both the BEST and WORST day of these two people's lives. Karen and Jay Priest of Palmer, Alaska got a knock on their door at 3am Thursday, it was an Alaska State Trooper who delivered some horrible news: Their 29-year-old son, Justin Priest, had died in a car accident in Juneau, Alaska.


Karen and Jay started calling relatives to tell them, then drove to Anchorage to tell their other son, Cody.

Karen and Jay's last stop was to visit Justin's girlfriend, Julia, to break the news to her. When they knocked on the door, Justin answered.

Justin says when his parents saw him, quote, "I didn't know why they were yelling and screaming. I was mostly asleep. They were yelling, 'Praise Jesus! It's a miracle!'" Once he figured it out, he called the cops to tell them he was alive.

It turns out a different person named Justin Priest had died in the car accident. The trooper who visited Karen and Jay was supposed to ask them if the victim could be their son, but misunderstood and told them their son was dead.

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