Police caught a chicken that had been strutting around town when it was spotted outside of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Midland, Michigan on Friday morning.

Officer Steve Pomranky of the Midland Police Department was able to chase the chicken down and catch it after a passerby that was on their way to work in a chicken sighting, Sgt. Chris Wenzell said.

The owner hasn't been found yet, but Sgt. Wenzell told the Detroit Free Press that a trusted local took in the chicken for safekeeping until the owner can be found. Sgt. Wenzell said he's glad the animal was secured before getting hurt, since it was found near a busy road.

The area, Wenzell said, is a residential area with no farmland nearby, so the origin of the chicken's adventure through town isn't known.

“In my 17 years, I have not seen something like this,” Wenzell told the Free Press.

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