You thought your flight was bad? Try sitting through this flight for a few hours.

Twitter @ActuallyEmerson
Twitter @ActuallyEmerson

What could possibly be bad about this flight? A two-hour delay? A child kicking the back of the seat? The flight attendant running out of those yummy Bisquick cookies? All of these things are not even close to what these passengers experienced on their flight. Their problem was something more... unpleasing to the ear.

A passenger on the plane, Emerson Collins, posted a video on Twitter with the caption, "The weirdest flight ever. These sounds started over the intercom before takeoff and continued throughout the flight. They couldn’t stop it, and after landing still had no idea what it was."

What were the loud annoying sounds the passengers were being blessed with?... A man moaning.

Video below.

"UUUHhhhh. AH! AHHH. OOOugghhhh," can be heard from the speakers in the airplane.

It seems that someone had hacked into the plane's intercom and was making moaning and screaming noises.

The flight attendant can be heard saying, "Ladies and gentlemen we realize there is an extremely irritating sound coming over the public announcements. The flight deck is trying to troubleshoot, trying to turn it off. Please be patient with us we know this is a very odd anomaly. None of us are enjoying it...."

Collins said that the moaning lasted until the end of the flight, but he was sad when the plane landed because there was no "landing climax" sounds.

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