Normally, Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan doesn't do deliveries. But they made an exception to the rule for an old customer who's dying of cancer.

For the short time they live in Battle Creek, Julie and Rich Morgan fell in love with the local pizza joint. "We’d try new pizza as a whole family and measure it against Steve’s," Julie says.

It's been more than twenty years since they live there and they still reminisce about the pizza. The couple had planned to return to Steve's last month for Julie's 56th birthday.

Unfortunately, Rich ended up in the intensive care unit due to salivary gland cancer. He was told he only had weeks left to live.

Last weekend, Julie's father called Steve's to see if maybe they would reach out to the couple and give them some support. They got more than just a note.

One of the managers answered and immediately asked what kind of pizza the couple liked. Three and a half hours later, he showed up in Indianapolis with two pizzas.

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