Pizza Hut is getting ready to debut a new Detroit-style pizza, presumably for anyone who might be bored with regular ass Pizza Hut-style pizza.

In response to "the growing popularity of this pizza style across the country and requests from customers," according to a press release. The new, thick-crust pizza is now available at participating Pizza Hut locations.

The company says "Detroit Double Pepperoni, with both regular and "cupped" pepperoni slices; Double Cheesy, with mozzarella and aged Parmesan; Meaty Deluxe, with bacon, Italian sausage and pepperoni; and Supremo, with Italian sausage, red onions and green peppers."

Each of the rectangular slices will also be made with fresh vine-ripened tomato sauce over the top, a new ingredient reserved just for this pizza. I can't be the only one who thinks that statement is reminiscent of McDonald's chicken nuggets now being made with chicken.

The pizzas will only be $10.99, but "prices may vary" so check your local store.

Read more at Fox News

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