So, I realize I'm going to be without AC during this black out.

I accept that.

I realize I am without the internet.

I accept that.

We won't have a stove.  We won't have a fan on at night to sleep.  We may be in this for a few more days.

I accept that.

I DO NOT accept...warm beer.  So, I traveled 20 miles for ice.

I DO NOT coffee in the morning.  So, I set up a little coffee station on my picnic table.

I had a propane stove ready to go.  All I had to do was remember how to put it together and not blow myself up.  100% on both, thank you very much!

I boiled up some water and poured it through my dollar store coffee maker.  It was the broken one I hung onto for this very reason.  Thank goodness I'm a hoarder/boy scout, because the one we have in regular service was a "pull out" drawer type thing and I needed to be able to just dump a ladle full of hot water over top of my coffee grounds every 23 seconds.

I have to say...I may not be "barista material" but I make a pretty good coffee.  It's super strong...but, I make it to order.  Need it diluted a bit?  Bring your cup closer to my hot ladle water.

Made to order.   That's how we roll during Pioneer Days at the Stage Homestead!

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