I've got an acoustic trio I play in called Folk n' Stages and we'll be playing a Sunday Funday gig at Pint's in Bettendorf on their Partio.

We took some time off, of course, during the global pandemic and I'll be honest...it was real tough getting back into fighting shape.  My childhood buddy, Jeremy Folk, my cousin Bob Stage and I got together 5 years ago and firing the Folk n' Stages machine back up was a real slog of a process.

We almost had to start from square one.  "Wait, how does this song go?"  "Who starts this one?" "I have NO idea what the words are."

The first few practices were basically trying to remember the songs.  We had to figure it out soon because our 1st gig was coming up.  Playing in our home town in front of everyone we know.  No pressure, right?

Two days before the show we had a practice and we completely ate shit.  It was awful.

We were opening for LAVA Rock.  Remember those guys?  An incredible band that played right before the 97X 40th Anniversary concert with Tom Keiffer from Cinderella.  I surely didn't want to embarrass ourselves in front of those guys and luckily we didn't.

Somehow everything came together and we had a blast.  Last night we practiced in our garage and I think we sounded the best ever.  No more worrying about sucking.  This is finally fun again.

I hope I didn't just jinx us.  Because we're playing at Pint's at 4pm on Sunday, June 27, 2021.  So, we'd love for you to come join us for some Sunday Funday action on their Partio.

Then after we play Pint's has got $1 12 ounce domestic drafts from 8pm til close.

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