Sometimes a limited-edition food becomes so popular that it's a wonder why a brand would rip it away from its customers. Pepsi Blue went through exactly that between 2002 and 2004.

Rumor on the internet is that in summer of 2021, we'll be seeing a comeback of the iconic blue drink.

It was originally introduced as a competitor of Vanilla Coke. Apparently it was tinted with the dye Blue No. 1, which was controversial because it was banned in multiple countries at the time. It was banned because of its habit of dying the skin.


The same Reddit user who originally posted about Mountain Dew Snap'd, TigersFan1872, posted a picture of what looks to be inside materials from the company.

Coming 2021 from r/Pepsi

The material details a comeback for the drink for 8 weeks, available in 20-ounce bottles and half liter six packs.

Comments on the post show the excitement people have for the drink's return, with people saying they'll drive hours to get some if they need to.

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