A study out of Australia surveyed 1000 drivers, and found 77% of men and 66% of women believe they are great drivers.

Half of the parents in the survey said they drove with more diligence when their kid is in the car, while 12% of parents said they would only be more diligent with a cake in their car.

The next step in the study was to take 20 drivers who had no idea about the survey, and watch their driving. Surveyors had the drivers drive with a cake, drive with a child, and drive alone. 95% of the drivers improved when there was a cake in the car.

  • 65% improved just their acceleration
  • 60% were more cautious in braking
  • 50% of the drivers improved their turning corners
  • 45% used their phone less
  • 20% quit speeding

Dr. Adrian Camilleri, a psychologist, said that when people first learn to drive, they pay attention to every detail of their drive. After some time and experience, people go into autopilot, but throwing a cake into the mix breaks the mold. Driving with kids becomes part of the regular day to day for parents, so they become engulfed by the autopilot after awhile.

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