"Patriotism is cool."  Paul Stanley, KISS

Greetings All:

Tonight, at The Mark, er, I mean the "iWireless Center," one of greatest rock bands in the world will take the stage.  I am talking about KISS.  The posted photo is the t-shirt I will be wearing at the concert tonight.  No, I did not go to that concert, but thanks to KISS' website, I was able to order it and it arrived just in time for the show tonight.

I grew up with KISS.  Somewhere in a shoe box in a plastic bin buried in my basement are all 66 KISS trading cards.  That is about the extent of my service in the KISS Army.

Then there is Petty Officer Jody Harriman.  If there is a "KISS Navy," then Jody is an Admiral.  He's a dedicated fan and more significantly, served our nation honorably.  He was selected to be a "Rodie for a Day," with KISS.  I cannot wait so hear about his experience today and we will get him into the studio as a guest on "QC Veterans' Roll Call."  Please swing by Dwyer's page to check out some photos of Jody in the studio today and the amazing tattoo he has on his arm.  Here's the link:


KISS is a legend in both rock and roll and pop culture.  Jimmy Buffett has a line in his song, "Manana" that sums up this band:  "Don't try to describe a KISS concert if you've never seen it..."  That Buffett song came out about the time KISS was blowing up.  Today, they are still burning bright.

So Quad Cities, we're in for a fantastic show tonight.  KISS are rockers and showman.  Yet there is something more to this band, beyond the make-up, the blood, the smoking guitar (KISS Card #5, if I recall), and the killer music.  It is this:

These guys are patriots.  They are unapologetic about their love of this nation and their unqualified support for our military and Veterans.  The opening quote was from Dwyer and Michaels interview with Paul Stanley.  It is worth mentioning again:

"Patriotism is cool."

Yes, yes it is.  And KISS' "Freedom to Rock" is (to me) one of the most practical personifications of the pursuit of happiness.  KISS gets it that freedom is not free.  Thanks to this great band for not just saying this, but doing it on the road and thru your music.

Please tune in Sunday at 7:00 a.m. to listen to "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.  We all should be recovered from this great show by then.




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