Oktoberfest has been a tradition of Munich, Germany since 1810 to honor of the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen.


In the 200 years it's been celebrated, the numbers behind Oktoberfest have reached some pretty staggering heights. Here's a quick look at makes up the festival, by the numbers:

  • 1.1 billion euros will be pumped into Munich's economy.
  • 6.6 million liters of beer were consumed last year.
  • 130,000 post cards will be sent from Oktoberfest's post office.
  • 119,000 seats are available.
  • 110,000 souvenir mugs will be confiscated.
  • 9,5000 people in traditional costume participate in the annual parade.
  • 3,324 items will be turned in to lost and found.
  • 1,400 full toilets along with a half mile of urinal troughs.
  • 720 people were arrested at the 2014 festival.
  • 600 people required medical assistance for alcohol poisoning in 2014.

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