In a historic change, the renowned vehicle "The Wienermobile" will have a different name, paying tribute to the company's latest recipe for its hot dogs that will hit the market this summer.

The Wienermobile at the Vibrant Arena during a QC Storm Hockey game.
The Wienermobile at the Vibrant Arena during a QC Storm Hockey game.

A New Name

The Wienermobile has undergone a change. A new decal has been added to its side that proudly displays its new name. Oscar Mayer, the maker of the new Frankmobile, is yet to confirm whether this new name is permanent. They are currently testing the waters to see if their loyal customers will warm up to the idea. "We are trying out to see if it 'cuts the mustard' with our fans," revealed a spokesperson for the company in an interview with CNN.

Oscar Mayer Frankmobile
Oscar Mayer Frankmobile

Updated Recipe

Oscar Mayer's hot dog recipe has been updated for the first time in six years, resulting in a more balanced flavor profile and a more delicious iconic beefy taste. Refreshed packaging will also accompany this change, according to a press release.

In contrast to competitors who emphasized strong flavors in specific aromatics such as garlic or onion, Oscar Mayer's team sought to maintain robust beefy notes throughout the hot dog while balancing out the other ingredients. Although the specifics of the updated recipe remain undisclosed, customers can look forward to a more satisfying experience.

How The Wienermobile Was Born

In 1936, Carl Mayer proposed an innovative advertising concept to his Uncle Oscar - the creation of a marketing vehicle that would showcase the company's brand. Thus, the Wienermobile was born. Presently, Oscar Mayer boasts six of these 23-foot-long automobiles that travel around the country, making appearances at a wide range of events such as state fairs, sports contests, and grocery stores to generate awareness and promote their brand.

Bold Marketing Tactics

Kraft Heinz, the owner of Oscar Mayer, is no stranger to bold marketing tactics for their packaged goods. In 2020, they released hot dog popsicles and bologna face masks, which became a hit and were sold out quickly.

In 2019, Kraft had to reduce the value of its Kraft and Oscar Mayer brands by $15 billion due to the changing consumer trends that no longer favor processed foods.

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