According to the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office, two teenage boys who were attending a church camp were allegedly involved in a series of thefts at Rockaway Beach, as well as a convenience store robbery at Knifepoint.

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Tillamook County Oregon

The teens, who were aged 16 and 17, were apprehended on July 21 after the thefts earlier that month.

Surveillance footage from the convenience store showed them pointing knives at the clerk while attempting to take various items such as alcohol and vape products.



The boys were identified as members of a local youth church camp's leadership program after the store's owners shared stills from the surveillance footage. However, the teens' parents declined to have them interviewed or cooperate with the investigation, and they were eventually taken to a juvenile detention center in Yamhill County.

“I originally took a shoplifting call involving these two juveniles in the beginning of July. Over the course of a couple of weeks, they escalated their crimes to Robbery in the First Degree. Luckily, no one was hurt,” said Rockaway Beach Patrol Deputy Kevin Grogan.

The case has since been forwarded to the Tillamook County District Attorney's Office and the Tillamook Juvenile Department for further action.

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Charged As An Adult

It should be noted that if charged as an adult, a conviction for Robbery in the First Degree is a Measure 11 crime in Oregon and has a minimum prison sentence of 34 months. The case was referred to the Tillamook County District Attorney’s Office and the Tillamook Juvenile Department for further consideration.
TCSO does not release the names of juveniles involved in criminal investigations.

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