You might remember at the beginning of the pandemic, the Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon started a delivery service called "Boober Eats." The delivery service featured the club's well-known food menu being delivered by the dancers, who wore booty shorts and pasties.

They've had to modify that business plan slightly, changing the options from delivery to pick up via their new drive-thru.

Shon Boulden
Shon Boulden

The owner, Shon Boulden, said things looked up when he was contacted by a local events company who were also out of work. The company provided a tent, lights, fog, a disco ball, and a DJ; Shon provided the dancers.

When the drivers arrive to pick up their food, they pull into the tent. The DJ starts the song, and four dancers, wearing a mask and gloves, perform for the entire length of the song. The food is brought out to the car, along with a free roll of toilet paper. There's even a nice bucket for tips.

Shon said the drive-thru club has been received well. The dancers, cooks, and bouncers are happy to be back in work, and the customers are happy for (near) human contact, and getting the strip club experience. He said one group drove from Seattle to go through the drive-thru, and one of their regulars pre-shutdown stopped by three times in one night.

The dancers are happy to be back in work, and be labeled as "essential workers."

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