Safe driving is something I talk about a lot, with everyone from kids to the elderly. It's important to focus on driving when you're driving, which is pretty counter-intuitive for most people, especially in these days when our cars have a computer built into the dashboard and smart phones exist. Most importantly, you shouldn't drive while on the phone, playing with a knife and eating Taco Bell.

A 39-year-old man from Omaha had to be treated for a stab wound on Thursday after inadvertently stabbing himself in the leg.

Just before 2am Thursday, the man picked up some Taco Bell for he and his girlfriend, and began the trek home.

Like most of us, he cracked open some of that Taco Bell on his drive home, while talking to a friend on the phone with a Bluetooth Speaker. During the meal and phone call, he was admiring the knife his friend had given him, when suddenly, he drove over a pothole.

The impact of the pothole "made him accidentally stab his right thigh with the knife," according to the police report. He was left with a 1-inch to 1 1/2-inch deep wound at the top of his right thigh.

He drove himself to Nebraska Medical Center, where he waved down a security guard to ask where the emergency entrance was.

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