If you don't know about restaurant timers, you're not alone.

TikTok user @dibbs, who is an employee at an Olive Garden, shared a video of the timer for a table who had been dining at the OG for 4 hours.

“Imagine dining at the Olive Garden for hour hours,” @dibbs says in the video.

Unexpectedly, the internet didn't respond to the fact that a family had been at Olive Garden for four hours, the majority of commenters were focused on the timer software that shows how long a party has been seated. Some users called the timers an "invasion of privacy," and asked why it existed, which questions were answered in a follow up video by Shelby, who claimed to be a former hostess. “You can have ten tables that just sat down and have only been sitting there for five minutes — so that would put the wait time to about 45 minutes,” Shelby says. “But you could have 10 tables that have been there for 45 minutes, and that could put the wait at, like, 10, 15 minutes.”   The internet then explained that they thought hosts were just guessing at how long of a wait it would be, as if we're in the 21st century and don't have a way to predict how long of a wait there would be.

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