The Chicago Police officer convicted of the murder of Laquan McDonald, who he shot and killed in 2014, has been transferred to the Rock Island County Jail. Jason Van Dyke was transferred to the jail on Tuesday October 9 for "his safety and the stability of the jail compound." This according to a report from KWQC that quotes Cara Smith, policy director for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

Prior to his transfer to Rock Island, Van Dyke was being held in Cermak Hospital, Cook County Jail's hospital. KWQC cites three reasons inmates are transferred: They have assaulted a staff member of the jail. They are cooperating with prosecutes on a case. Or they are a high profile defendant that needs more security.

WQAD says the Rock Island County Jail has a long standing agreement with Cook County to house high profile inmates and is being paid by Cook County to do that.

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