I've had plenty of great ideas.  But non of them pan out.  When I was a kid I wrapped a bar of soap in a wash cloth & noticed how great it was to have the abrasiveness of the material along with the suds of the soap combining to make a brilliant cleaning force!

Then those poofy things came out. The shower poofs?  If I would've been able to bring my idea to fruition your wife would have my scrubby thing instead of those stupid poofy things.

Actually...not.  It's a bad idea.  That's why it didn't see the light of day.  So, why is it this weather in a box is a thing?  What a dumb idea.

If only we had a pane of glass we could look through to see what the weather was doing!  But, I really don't have the neck strength to turn my head & look out the window.  Can't we have a recreation just sitting on my computer desk next to my Ding Dongs & Casey's Pizza wrappers?