Jimmy Kimmel is ready for the Super Bowl.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired a special NFL edition of his popular "Mean Tweets" bit on Thursday, with players -- both active and retired -- reading some of the most vicious comments people have written about them on Twitter. It's good to see they have a sense of humor off the field.

There's a lot of cursing and a lot of rage from these "fans." We're guessing the authors of these crude comments lost a bet or two and are just feeling frustrated. That, or they root for these players' rivals. NFL fans aren't exactly known for being nice to the enemy, you know.

Just because football players are big doesn't mean they don't have hearts. Some of these men are probably big softies. Whether they won't  home and cried or let it roll off their giant backs, one thing is certain: the only way to stop the haters is start training now to win the Super Bowl next season.

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