Cracking an apple with one hand. Some of us know how to do it, but almost all of us have seen someone do it. They put their hand in the right spot, and the bottom half of the apple crushes, but the top half flies across the room.

A 70-year-old Pakistani man broke a Guinness World Record recently with nothing but 21 apples and his bare hand.

Naseem Uddin, 70, earned his very own world record by using his insane grip strength to crush 21 apples in just one minute.

Personally, I barely have the grip strength to open a jar of pickles to look badass to my wife, let alone crush ONE apple. I can't even imagine the strength and endurance it'd take to blast 21 apples in a row.

Uddin bested the previous record of 13 apples, which had been set in England.

Uddin told Guinness that his grip strength comes from his decades of working with iron as a welder.

Uddin surely had some inspiration come from his son, Mohammad Rashid, who himself has broken over 70 Guinness World Records.

Some of his records include "Most Full Contact Punch Strikes in an Hour," as well as "Most Figure-of-Eights with a Nunchaku in One Minute" which isn't much of a surprise because he's a martial arts specialist. Guiness calls him "The Bruce Lee of Pakistan."

He's also broken the record for "competitive nut smashing," which I have a link to a video for, but I'm not going to watch - just in case.

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