The hottest pepper in the world is ridiculously hot, as you can imagine. The Carolina Reaper, which has been known to measure on the Scoville Heat scale at 2,200,000 SHU, which is about 880 times hotter than your typical jalapeno.

Many can't even eat part of one Carolina Reaper, but one guy in San Diego ended up eating six of them.

Guinness World Record via Facebook
Guinness World Record via Facebook

Gregory Foster decided he was going to try and beat the record for "fastest time to eat three Carolina Reaper chilies" at the Seaport Shopping Center located in Downtown San Diego.

After it was all said and done, Greg had to eat six peppers, because when he opened his mouth for the Guinness representative to confirm he'd swallowed them, there was a piece of pepper that hadn't been swallowed.

He also was unable to beat the record.

So, Greg lined them up for a second go at it, this time he went for it even faster. In 8.7 seconds and a barely-even-red face, Gregory downed the three peppers as if he does this every day.

"Currently I own a hot sauce company, Inferno Farms, which allows me to live my passion for chillies in every way," Greg said. With a name like Inferno Farms, there's no surprise that he was able to down these spicy peppers with no issue at all.

Guinness World Records via Facebook
Guinness World Records via Facebook

The successful attempt was done on December 11th, 2021, with it being confirmed a few months later.

Read more about Greg's record, as well as every other broken World Record at Guinness World Records.

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