Did you shower this morning, or just walk out the door smelling like a dumpster? Well, "Time" magazine recently did a poll, and found a surprising number of Americans don't shower every day.


Only 53% said they shower at least five times a week, 25% said three or four times, 15% said twice, and 8% said they only shower once a week. Apparently that's not as gross as it sounds.

According to an infectious disease expert at Columbia University, showering more than twice a week doesn't really help as far as hygiene goes. It might actually be a bad thing, because it dries you out and makes you more prone to skin infections.

With that said, there are reasons to take more showers than that. Like if you go to the gym, work in the garden, or you just stink. In general, one or two showers a week is fine.

If you like to shower every day, that's okay. Don't scrub your whole body with a loofa, just focus on your armpits and your below-the-belt areas.

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