A man was arrested Wednesday night in New Orleans after he allegedly impersonated a police officer and attempted to conduct a traffic stop on an actual detective.

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New Orleans Man Arrested After Attempting to Impersonate Police Officer

William Gilchrist, 45, pulled behind an unmarked police vehicle, activated illegally installed flashing lights and a siren, and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The real detective, initially believing he was being pulled over by a legitimate officer, became suspicious when the lights on Gilchrist’s truck abruptly turned off.

The detective then activated his own lights and pulled behind Gilchrist's truck. Upon being questioned, Gilchrist presented the detective with a fake badge, a U.S. Marshals Service identification card, and claimed to be a deputy. The detective quickly determined that Gilchrist was not a legitimate law enforcement officer.

A police unit responds to the scene of an emergency.
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The Detective Didn't Fall For The Lie

Gilchrist was arrested and charged with false personation of a police officer, possession of fraudulent identification, and improper use of lights. Louisiana law restricts the use of blue lights on vehicles to law enforcement officers.

A former police officer explained that individuals who impersonate law enforcement often have a fascination with the role or have family members in law enforcement but were unable to join themselves.

Gilchrist was booked into custody with bail set at $650.

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