I'm not one to normally try a food challenge, but this one looks more delicious than most of the challenges I've seen in a long time. For one month only you can try this monster at Bushy's Bar & Grill in Lyndon, IL. Starting this Friday, Jan 25 through Feb 25 you can get yourself this burger challenge.

This monster burger meal will run you $30 and features:

  • One Bun
  • Four beef patties weighing in a two pounds
  • Four eggs (cooked your way)
  • Four pieces of bacon
  • Four slices of cheese
  • 10 chicken chunks
  • LARGE order of fries

You'll have 45 minutes to finish all this food without getting up from the table or sharing with anyone else. You'll also have to keep this down for 15 min following your completion. Do that and you will be immortalized in photo form and you'll get yourself a t-shirt. Also, the person with the fastest time in for the month will also receive a $50 gift card to Bushy's Bar and Grill.

If anyone happens to finish this, hit us up and show us the picture. Good luck.

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