In 2024, a significant shift will take place in North Carolina's regulations regarding teen driving.

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New Driving Law In North Carolina

Starting Jan. 1, teenage drivers in North Carolina will need to hold their learner permit for a nine-month duration before applying for their level 2 license, according to a new driving law.

What Is The Current Law?

Under the current law, teenagers must have their learner's permit for one year before getting a full driver's license. This was introduced by the Graduated Driver Licensing law enacted in 1997.

The new changes are intended to shorten the duration a learner's permit must be held before applying for a level 2 license.

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Teen drivers who have held their permit for a minimum of six months and have logged at least 60 hours of driving will qualify to apply for their level 2 license. This permit will grant unsupervised driving rights between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., with certain restrictions.

Governor Roy Cooper Expresses His Concerns

However, there is apprehension surrounding these changes. North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, has expressed concerns about potential safety issues the law might cause. He urged both the Division of Motor Vehicles and the legislature to closely observe the law's impacts once it is enforced.

Governor Roy Cooper stated previously, "I have concerns that this law could make our roads less safe, and I encourage the Division of Motor Vehicles and the legislature to monitor its effects closely."

Obtaining an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles can potentially require waiting periods spanning weeks to months. It is therefore recommended that aspiring drivers utilize walk-ins.

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Many North Carolina residents are concerned that letting teenagers drive on their own sooner, with less practice, is of concern and may cause more accidents on the roads.

Find More Information

More information on additional requirements for obtaining a provisional license can be found on the North Carolina DMV’s official website.

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