It's okay to believe whatever you want in this country, but you probably shouldn't be caught on video screaming at school kids.

34-year-old Nathan Thompson is well known in the Flat-Earther community. He was featured in the Netflix documentary "Behind the Curve." His segment is basically just him bouncing ping pong balls on sledgehammers.

He went to a school's playground during recess, and started yelling Flat Earth "facts" at kids, and persisted they take flyers. The entire thing was broadcasted live on YouTube by Thompson.

“Hey guys, check this out real quick — space is fake. You’re not on a spinning ball.”

Two days later, police caught up with him a couple days later, serving a warrant on February 29th. He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

“The teachers then began to evacuate the playground area and retreat back into the school at which point the defendant became very loud and boisterous by yelling at the children about the earth being flat,” according to the warrant.

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