67-year-old Vernon Gilbert of Mountain Valley, Virginia has lived his whole life with no electricity or running water.

He was born in a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere, and he's lived there his entire life. He says it was fine until he started having health issues recently.

Vernon's had a couple heart attacks, broke his hand a few years back, and just broke his arm in September. So chopping wood to heat the place is pretty much impossible now.

Luckily his neighbors love him. When anyone gets sick, he shows up and mows their lawn or offers to help out. One of them recently decided to help him in return.

They've been letting him stay in a heated trailer they own for now. But that's just temporary, because they're also building him a new house.

Vernon doesn't own the land his current house is on, so another one of his neighbors donated an acre of their land to build it on. And several churches have been raising money to cover the construction.

It'll have two bedrooms, one bathroom, and they're also installing solar panels. His power bill should be less than $25 a month. It's not clear how long it'll take to build, but it sounds like he'll be able to move in early next year.

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