This is an INSANE thing to do just to get free wine.

There's a 39-year-old guy named Gabriel Moreno in Modesto, California. And earlier this week, he was driving on the highway when he saw a tanker truck behind him filled with bulk red wine.

So he got the tanker truck to pull over, then hopped onto the side of the truck. Then he climbed under the truck, unscrewed a valve, and started chugging the red wine that was pouring out. And he did all of this while wearing only his underwear and a face mask. (At least he was taking precautions to not endanger others)

The driver didn't know what was happening until he saw he was spilling wine. So he pulled over and called the cops.

They found Gabriel underneath the bottom of the truck, drinking wine, and doing snow angels in it.

Gabriel was arrested for felony vandalism.

The truck spilled about 1,000 gallons of red wine total... that's enough to fill about 5,000 bottles.

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