A Hialeah man was in his birthday suit on his birthday at a resort in the Florida Keys, according to deputies, and what he was busted doing in the hot tub he was in has gotten him stuck in some hot water with the police who showed up.

Authorities arrested Julio Daniel Rodriguez Coipel on Monday because of a warrant related to the August 20th incident, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

MCSO spokesperson Adam Linhardt said Rodriguez Coipel was seen naked in a hot tub just before 7:25am at the Playa Resort & Spa in Key Largo, when witnesses saw him expose himself and start touching "it" in view of a female employee.

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After a male employee came up and confronted Rodriguez Coipel, he screamed "It's my birthday today!" and ran toward U.S. 1 before driving back to Miami-Dade County, Linhardt said.

According to deputies, it was in fact the suspect's 34th birthday, but no, that doesn't put you In the clear to diddle yourself in a public hot tub.

Linhardt said authorities issued an arrest warrant after witnesses identified Rodriguez Coipel as a suspect, and he was booked into the Monroe County Jail Monday on a charge of indecent exposure.


He was later released from jail and records don't indicate a future court date, as of Tuesday afternoon.

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