Nobody says you have to reel it in when celebrating a birthday in your 50s, but this guy might want to rethink his decisions.

52-year-old Mark Anthony Brooks was found by police who were responding to an assault at the St. George Bar in Myrtle Beach. He was naked except for a pair of boxer-briefs that he was holding around his butt.

According to the police report, Brooks' face was “covered in blood and he had multiple lacerations on his knees, elbows and feet.” He also had a golf ball-sized knot under his right eye.

Brooks was allegedly belligerent and was repeating the line, “bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do,” over and over to himself. He told responding officers that three men pushed him, beat him, took his clothes, and stole $700.

The emergency response team tried to treat Brooks, but he was uncooperative. Officers then arrested him for public intoxication. An employee from the bar told police that he was there celebrating his birthday.

Myrtle Beach Police Department

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