Last week we talked about several stories on the show and each one had a common theme. They were all scenes straight out of the movies.


First there was the guy who tried jumping from building to building to impress his date.


Then after a dispute at a steakhouse, a waiter fired his gun into the ceiling.


That same day we had the story about the lady who was so upset that she drove her car into the grocery store, turned around, and drove back out.

Springfield Police Department

Now there's the story about the cop who pulled the guy off the train tracks with just seconds to spare and two stranded people were rescued after writing "S.O.S." in the sand.

So with this string of stories, I thought, "What other movies cliches would make a good news story?" With the help of listeners I put this list together of the stories we want to see in the news. We're going to be watching closely until the end of September to see if any of these cliches actually happen. If you see one, please send it to us.

  • Bus Flips 18 Times and Everyone On It Walks Away
  • Perp On The Run Gets Impaled on Unicorn Horn on Carousel
  • Man Jumps From Building Using Fire House as Safety Line
  • Building Destroyed After Wrecking Ball Goes Off Target
  • Two Women in a Loveless Marriages Create Pact and Drive Off Cliff
  • Person Jumped Out of Window and Safely Landed in Pool/Convertible/Awning
  • Thieves Successful Heist a Las Vegas Casino
  • Sleepwalker Walks Off Girder and Safely Drops to Second Girder on Another Building
  • Sheet of Glass Comes Loose and Decapitates Pedestrian
  • Team Has to Blow Up Asteroid on Collision Course for Earth
  • Bull Swallows Shotgun, Uses Horns to Shoot Bullfighter
  • Pizza Guy Delivers to House Full of Nymphomaniacs
  • Dumpster of Garbage Barge Provides Safe Landing
  • Groundskeeper Uses Explosives to Remove Gopher From Golf Course
  • Criminal Hides Inside Oven, Evades Police
  • Burglars Pull Off Large-Scale Museum Heist
  • Pre-Teen is Left Home Alone, Fends OFf World's Dumbest Criminals
  • Ex-Hockey Player Wins Golf Tournament
  • Marching Band is Lead the Wrong Way Off of Parade Route
  • Man Runs From Police on Top of Train
  • Person Discovered Living in Someone's Walls/Attic
  • An Animal is Allowed to Participate in a Sporting Event
  • Baby Carriage Rolls Downhill, Misses All Traffic
  • Car Crashes Through Sheet of Glass Carried By Two Workers