There are certain occasions where you just have to leave the kids at home and hire a babysitter. This might be the biggest one.


24-year-old Kelsey McMurty of Nashville, Tennessee went to a strip club last week to audition for a job. She had her 14-month-old baby and her 19-year-old friend Summer Taylor with her.

Summer was supposed to stay in the car and watch the baby. But at the last second, she decided she wanted to go inside. Unfortunately, that meant the baby was alone in the car.

It was 72 degrees outside, but over 100 in the car and the baby was wearing a coat. Someone walked by about a half hour later and saw the baby sweating in the car, so they called the cops. When they got there they rescued the baby, fortunately she was okay.

Both Kelsey and Summer were arrested for child neglect, and child services took the baby. Kelsey is on the left, Summer on the right:

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

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