Imagine you heard a strange noise coming from your basement. What would you expect it to be? A large rat? A burglar? A ghost? All of these sound scary, but, also typical. Imagine something crazier! What if you walked down into your basement, turned on the lights, and saw.... a moose.

A guest of a Breckenridge homeowner was sleeping in a basement bedroom with a young child when they were suddenly awakened by the sound of breaking glass. Suspecting a burglary, the frightened homeowner called the police. But when Breckenridge Police arrived on the scene, they decided it was better to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

Wildlife officials in Colorado came to the rescue of a moose that fell into a home's window well and ended up trapped in the basement.

It was determined that the moose had been grazing alongside the house and accidentally fallen through a snow-covered window well and into the basement of the house.


Officers on the scene created an exit for the moose by opening the doors and creating a pathway for the moose to walk out. However, this path required the moose to walk up the stairs to the main floor, which the moose refused to do, as it couldn't fit through the staircase with its large antlers.

Officers made the decision to tranquilize the moose and cut its antlers so they could fit the moose up the staircase without causing further damage to the home. The agency said moose antlers typically fall off this time of year and would regrow in the spring.

The moose was carried outside and released back into the wild. Besides a small cut on its leg from the fall through the window, CPW District Wildlife reported that the moose appeared to be healthy.

A lesson to be learned here, if you have a window well, it is smart to remove vegetation that may attract wildlife around the vicinity, as window wells can pose hazards to wildlife... and also to your basement!


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