Porch pirates are universally hated in our society, but this one takes things to a disgusting level and steals a dog from its own yard.

The heartbreaking footage above shows a truck roll past the front of the home before making a U-turn and parking on the street. The passenger leaves the truck, grabs the dog, and they quickly drive off.

At first it looks like they're maybe checking the dog for tags and might return it. The way they drive off in a hurry has me and the owner thinking their intentions were more sinister.

Our family dog was stolen from our front yard in Denver, CO. Her name is Zoe and she is the sweetest, most playful dog on the planet. She was outside by herself, but her Dad works from home with a window facing the front and the temperature was in the high 50s today. She is extremely loved and spoiled at home and her family desperately wants her back. Please keep an eye out for this person and this truck, and let us and the police know if you have any information about where she is. And please share this video so others who might know where she is can see it. Thank you.

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