There's a common trend of soon-to-be mom's posting on social media, asking "What did you bring in your hospital bag?" and "What do you wish you brought?" A mom in Wisconsin giving birth to her third child found a delivery life-hack that doubtedly nobody has thought of.

A Facebook post by Samantha Mravik-Miller now going viral shows a picture of a Nerf Gun, with a hospital bed behind it with the caption "Mom hack level 1,0000."

With more explanation, Samantha said "The post came about because when my son (who's almost six) was born, my husband slept through him crying when we were in the hospital three nights in a row. I had lost my voice due to being on oxygen and one of the nights my call button was also out of reach, I remember having to throw an empty water bottle at him to try and wake him up to help me get our crying baby.”

She said she was cleaning up the house the morning of her C-Section, and found the Nerf gun. Thinking it could come in handy, she tossed it in her bag. When they got to the hospital her husband stumbled across it, and asked why it was in the bag. She told him it was better to aim with than the empty water bottles.

Samantha said the nursing staff got a laugh out of the dart gun laying on the table next to the hospital bed. She said she plans to keep the gun around after they get home as well.

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