We don't like thieves, especially those who blatantly steal from the hardworking people in our community, and a going-viral post from a Moline restaurant owner has the community enraged.

Chris Panouses, who owns Uncle Pete's in Moline, is looking for help from the community in identifying the man who stole a tip jar from his restaurant.

Chris says that those tips go to his employees, some of which are high school students working on top of attending school.

"I never expected this from a grown man, who looks capable of working, to steal my employee's tips," Chris wrote in his Facebook post.

Chris Panouses via Facebook
Chris Panouses via Facebook

According to Chris, who said the Moline Department is aware of the situation, said the man then left the store in an older model four-door white Buick with Illinois plates.

If you know who this man is, contact the Moline Police Department.

Check out the video here:


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