Omni Strength has reopened it's doors against the stay-at-home orders of Governor Pritzker.

The owner, Chris Ninotta, announced the gym's reopening in a Facebook Live video Sunday.

He wants those to have a problem with the reopening to read the Bill of Rights copy he has taped to the window.

"Somebody call the authorities. I've complied, and I'm not anymore," Ninotta said.

On Monday, Moline Police Department served Ninotta a cease and desist order that said he had to stop operating his gym or face losing his business license, receive an order of closure and/or face criminal liability.

Monday morning Pritzker restated his stance for those opening up before the stay-at-home orders are lifted, saying "Under the current Illinois Department of Public Health act, when a business violates IDPH rules and puts public health at risk, the business has committed a class A misdemeanor, that's the existing law today in fact last week and last year. Under existing law, law enforcement can issue a citation to the business."

Shortly after the police served the cease and desist, Ninotta tore up the letter, and posted a photo of the letter to Facebook.

The police didn't respond to the gym to break up the workouts. They were following Gov. Pritzker's first option for police, which is to educate the ne'er-do-wells.

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