The state of Missouri has been trying to find the owner of a bronze star that was unfortunately lost by the man who earned it in the Vietnam War. Now, that Missouri veteran's family has been reunited with the award that is rightfully his.

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The Missouri State Treasurer shared the following statement in their press release:

“Rick was like so many other Vietnam Veterans who held most of what they saw in combat close to the vest as sharing would bring the reminder of heartache to mind,” Kelley Maddox, Rick’s daughter, said. “What this medal represents to me, by having it back in my possession, is that my father's sacrifice to the United States being drafted in his youth was not in vain. He was recognized for his efforts and although he did not share the reason for receiving this medal with me, I now know he did something special! This medal will go in a special place to share with my family and friends, it has sparked a healthy dialogue with my own children about their grandfather who they never really knew and now I have something to talk about for future generations.”

The state said it was KSHB reporter Lisa McCormick who found Mr. Dovell's family and made the connection to get this award back to where it belongs. Missouri still has over 100 military medals that are still unclaimed including at least a half dozen Purple Hearts.

Help Reunite Missouri Veterans with their Lost Medals

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